Water Barrels

The water tumblers are suitable for deburring and polishing workings with water of metal and plastic parts.

Thanks to the polyurethane coating abrasive, washing plant and the motorized lifting of the barrel, you can optimize the processing time and reduce costs.

Buratti ad Acqua


Buratto Mod. 70/V/CE

The cheesecloth mod. 70 / V / EC is used for the chemical polishing of mother of pearl. The barrel of the speed variator allows to obtain the best results, adapting to the dimensions of the work pieces.

Buratto 70-V-CE


  • Barrel capacity 70 liters
  • Manual tilting barrel
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 30 revolutions / minute
  • Size: 1250 x 1410 x 1800 mm
  • Peso: 250 kg

Buratto Mod. 116

The cheesecloth mod. 116 / EC is equipped with a barrel the solid beech wood divided into two sections.
The barrel’s dimension and the rotation speed are optimized to obtain the best results
grinding and polishing with wooden cubes.

Buratto 116


  • Barrel size: 970 x 1160 mm
  • Speed: 25 revolutions / minute
  • Size: 1450 x 1850 x 1490 mm
  • Peso: 400 kg