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Camaleonte Tracciato AbraluxThe current market requires companies continued efforts to improve its production processes to optimize costs and respond to changing customer needs.

Strengthened by a long experience, AbraLux Srl has developed a program of products and services designed to support its customers in the challenges imposed by the market.,it,With a production range that ranges from abrasive/polishing products to puppets, from dyes to tincture machines, from raw materials to utensils for buttons, Abbralux srl has as a primary objective to propose to customers as a partner capable of collaborating in the constant improvement of the quality.,it,Who we are | AbraLux srl,it

Con una gamma produttiva che spazia dai prodotti abrasivi/lucidanti ai buratti, dai coloranti alle macchine di tintura, dalle materie prime agli utensili per bottonifici, ABRALUX srl ha come obbiettivo primario quello di proporsi alla clientela come partner in grado di collaborare al costante miglioramento della qualità.